"Psychedelia as communal creation, psychedelia as mystical quest, psychedelia as a roiling tangle and psychedelia as a euphoric, entranced sprawl are all encompassed in the music of Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter...There’s nothing neo- about this band’s psychedelia.
 -The New York Times

"alternative country, no...more like alternative universe.. a sprawling psych rock vision..."

"This is a complex, fascinating record that punches the shoulder for attention. As subtle as it is hypnotic, mixing delicacy with confidence and hope with fear.... unlock your senses, and wrap yourself in this intricate web of aural imagery"
- Consequence Of Sound ****

"flush with cavernous sonics and complex soundscapes, it's 58 minutes of aural cinema for the ears and mind"
-TONE Audio

"Whether the sonic setting is one of doomy distortion or fragile fingerpicking, Sykes remains a truly unique vocalist whose dusky voice is capable of imparting a transcendent, almost spiritual quality to almost any tune it touches."

-All Music Guide

Marble Son

Album Release - Summer Tour 2011
This website will soon be replaced with a modern one, that actually works on a smart phone ;) I suppose it's become representative as a testament to my anti tech stance and also for how quickly time is passing and deeming seemingly new things, obsolete. While we chip away at the record,(that we’ve been working on for some time now ;) a lot of life has been happening. A decade is a long time and its been almost a full one since we’ve put out an album, or done any major touring…I think if I’m honest…I needed to be still and sit this last one out-in order to make the decades to come, count. The world changed and I needed to be an observer for awhile. In this in between time to help myself cope with some of life’s weightiness, I started making what I refer to as “lo fi” documentaries which I‘ve been posting  on my youtube channel (you can take a peak HERE). One of my projects is about our band and begins to scratch the surface on some of our internal struggles…I guess it reflects on our hearts and who Phil and I are as people. It’s called, Forever, I’ve Been Being Born and that’s what I plan to call our record as well.  Thanks for stopping by and happy 2020! I hope this year brings us all some much needed grace...All my best, Jesse Sykes

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Check out the official video for "Pleasuring The Divine"

Check out the in studio performance at KEXP, Seattle - 8/1/11

Watch or listen to the in studio performance at KCRW in L.A. for Morning Becomes Eclectic - 12/12/11

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Video of : 'Come To Mary' live studio performance @ 
KEXP, 90.3 FM, Seattle, WA - 8/1/11

Official Video of : 'Pleasuring The Divine' - Filmed & Edited by Philip Wandscher, 5/13 

Videos of'Hushed By Devotion', 'Your Own Kind' and 'Wooden Roses' from in studio performance @ KEXP, Seattle, WA - 8/1/11

Videos of : 'Hushed By Devotion''Pleasuring The Divine',  'Be It Me, Or Be It None''Wooden Roses' from Roadburn Festival - 4/15/11

Videos of : 'Come To Mary'  & 'Weight Of Cancer' from La Flèche d’or in Paris - 5/7/11

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