Marble Son
Station Grey Records 

1.  Hushed By Devotion
2.  Marble Son
3.  Come To Mary
4.  Servant Of Your Vision
5.  Ceiling's High
6.  Be It Me, Or Be It None
7.  Pleasuring The Divine
8.  Weight Of Cancer
9.  Birds Of Passerine
10.  Your Own Kind
11.  Wooden Roses
"What do Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter “sound” like? That’s your question? They sound...worthy. Worthy of your time, your ear, your dedicated listening to an hour of nearly perfectly crafted and daring music making. If you had to sum it up, if you had to tag it (as it were), it would be the sound of a beautiful, graceful, injury within."
-A-line Magazine

"Psychedelia as communal creation, psychedelia as mystical quest, psychedelia as a roiling tangle and psychedelia as a euphoric, entranced sprawl are all encompassed in the music of Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter...There’s nothing neo- about this band’s psychedelia."
-The New York Times

"Marble Son is one of the best albums we've heard around the MAGNET office so far this year."

**** (4 out of 5 stars)
- K.B.R., MSN Entertainment

"It’s (Marble Son) the child of some Faustian pact between Karen Dalton and Jimmy Page born at some secret southern crossroad. The counterculture furies of ‘69 reborn, eternally “hiding from the daylight.” You’ll be drawn to the glow of their bluesy-country embers, but eventually you’ll find yourself miles from home, dancin’ into the flames, out of your head, covered in warpaint and doing a witchdance. It’s true, throughout its hour-long spell, I had the unmistakeable feeling I was being groomed for some devious southern death cult and what’s worse, I liked it. Come, join us."
- Matt James, PopMatters

"a country-western, psych rock, shamanic, folk masterpiece"
- The Stranger

"This is a complex, fascinating record that punches the shoulder for attention. As subtle as it is hypnotic, mixing delicacy with confidence and hope with fear.... unlock your senses, and wrap yourself in this intricate web of aural imagery"
- Consequence Of Sound **** (4 out of 5 stars)

"flush with cavernous sonics and complex soundscapes, it's 58 minutes of aural cinema for the ears and mind"
-TONE Audio

"alternative country, no...more like alternative universe.. a sprawling psych rock vision..."

"Whether the sonic setting is one of doomy distortion or fragile fingerpicking, Sykes remains a truly unique vocalist whose dusky voice is capable of imparting a transcendent, almost spiritual quality to almost any tune it touches."
-All Music Guide

"A triumph, in a word"

- The Line of Best Fit...UK

"Terrific...A roaring, psychedelic tempest."
- Uncut **** (4 out of 5 stars)

"Marble Son is like a Tesla coil with self-will." 
- Peter Sj÷blom, Tidningen Kulturen...SE

The Tempest EP
Self Release
1.  Introduction
2.  The Storm
3.  Aeriel's Song
4.  Celebration
5.  The Storm
6.  Transformation

Gentleness Of Nothing EP
Self Release
1.  Be It Me, Or Be It None
2.  Gentleness Of Nothing
3.  In The Summertime
4.  Sunday Skin

Like, Love, Lust & The Open Halls of the Soul                                                          

Barsuk Records
1. Eisenhower Moon
2. LLL
3. You Might Walk Away
4. The Air Is Thin *
5. Spectral Beings
6. How Will We Know? *
7. Hard Not To Believe
8. Aftermath
9. Station Grey
10. I Like The Sound *
11. Morning, It Comes *
12. The Open Halls Of The Soul

Voted one of the top albums of 2007 in Artforum, Harp, Paste, Amazon and others....

SPIN - * * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

MOJO - * * * * (4 out of 5 stars) 

UNCUT - * * * * (4 out of 5 stars) 

Q - * * * * (4 out of 5 stars) 

"This is folk rock for the 21st century."
-Metroland, Albany, NY

"Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter manage to build a sepia toned masterpiece from inside the framework of country-noir. That's the sum, but the genius is in the parts."
-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Her best record yet. The songs are simultaneously catchier and darker. Her voice has grown deeper, richer, and spookier, alternately evoking Cat Power, Grace Slick, and Karen Dalton."
-Paste * * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

"Like, Love, Lust & the Open Halls of the Soul shows a band not half-awake, but all-consumed-even enraptured "
-American Songwriter

"Sykes sounds less like a performer and more like a sage. Completely overpowering."

"It's not folk-pop, or what's become known as Americana, or even country
or the blues. Instead, it's personalized with gorgeously voiced
confessional pieces, with Sykes maintaining her high energy level
throughout the CD- while her band operates behind her with a keen
mix of sophistication and restraint.-Nashvile City Paper"
-Nashville City Paper

"A document of a band in full command of its powers.Most noticable though, is the continued evolution of Sykes' singing and songwriting...With "Like,Love,Lust And The Open Halls Of The Soul" she's served up her first masterpiece".
-Dallas Observer

"Like, Love, Lust and the Open Halls of the Soul" should go down as Seattle's first great, lasting album of the new millennium."
-SOUND Magazine

"On their third offering... the Sweet Hereafter are stretching themselves, incorporating different textures, sonics, and even song structures to build bridges for that understated, intensely expressive voice to articulate a poetic view that's decidedly subterranean and perhaps even sublingual.... this is the most satisfying offering from Sykes and her band yet."
-Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

"Sykes' voice is an unedited, unforced and completely un-self-conscious hallway through harrowing vulnerability, a cavern of subtle hues and the drip, drip, dripping of time and experience (time happens; life teaches). It travels through twilight corridors of natural composition (hope), decay (despair) and evolution (resignation)."

Oh, My Girl
Barsuk Records
1. Oh, My Girl
2. You Are Not Gotten Here
3. Troubled Soul
4. The Dreaming Dead
5. Your Eyes Told *
6. Tell the Boys *
7. Birds Over Water
8. Winter Hunter
9. House by the Lake *
10. Grow a New Heart *

Voted one of the best records of the year (2004) in the New York Times, Magnet, Harp and more....

"This is the album of sad beauty the Scud Mountain Boys were too suicidal to make; it's what happens when fronting on style is shunned in favor of inventive songwriting that focuses (perhaps too closely, but whatever) on the unique talents of a lineup."  Pitchfork Review
-Pitchfork...7.6 out of 10

"Hypnotic in places, even narcotic, "Oh, My Girl" continues to reverberate long after it ends. Like the Velvet Underground's third record or Bob Dylan's Desire, what resonates after "Oh, My Girl" fades isn't any specific moment, but the feel of the world created in it and by it."

"spellbound music, rapt in fatalism and sorrow."
-Jon Pareles, The New York Times

"…Oh,My Girl is the soundtrack to lonliness, and rarely has a record sounded so quietly riveting or intense... a beautiful heartbreaking album. Country gothic at its bleakest and most starkly poignant…"
-Andy Whitman, PASTE * * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

"It’s not often that one comes across a voice as haunting as Jesse Sykes’. With a deep, smoky resonance, that in some ways recalls Marianne Faithful, Sykes manages to convey even more wasted resignation, making this record an instant melancholia classic."

"…lyrics that gnaw on life's mysteries and yearn for deeper human contact. Her songs are about seeking wisdom you can't find in books, and celebrate a connection to the Earth in language that has practically vanished from pop songcraft…"
-Philadelphia Inquirer * * * * out of 4

"…an alt-country album in the minds of some… But that reductionist impulse should be resisted; Oh, My Girl occupies a different plane than simple "Americana." It's music noir, encompassing the dark and gorgeous sadness that comes with being human."
- Curtis McCrary, Tucson Weekly

* * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

* * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

"utterly transfixing" 
-Rolling Stone  * * * 1/2 (3.5 out of 5 stars)

Reckless Burning
BurnBurnBurn Records
1. Reckless Burning
2. Doralee
3. Lonely Still *
4. Your Side Now
5. Don't Let Me Go
6. Drinking With Strangers *
7. Made of Wood
8. Love Me, Someday
9. Lullaby *


* * * * (4 out of 5 stars)

"…Sykes has a Sandy Denny-like ability to swing unpredictably between brittle vulnerability and calm, centered power, and her songwriting is mesmerizing in its stone-solid refusal to move at any but its own glacial, deliberate pace. The sound is as uncompromising and challenging as that of any "experimental" band…"
-Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

"…Reckless Burning was one of my out-of-the-blue faves of 2002 ...their sound is Southern in vibe; country noir that's ancient feeling yet contemporary in its edginess"
-Fred Mills

"…The sparse beauty and deepsome simplicity of both Sykes and her songs are difficult to capture. Uncommon and oddly out of time, the tunes are still somehow utterly familiar, like the lingering residue of a winter dream…"
-Silke Tudor, San Francisco Weekly

"…Visual, arty, quiet, and sonically atmospheric, Reckless Burning is a twang-noir dream of an album stuffed with unfathomable psychological complexities and spiritually irritating complications so typical of our depression-lurks-around-every-corner lives. Seattle's Jesse Sykes delivers her meaty, emotionally loaded songs with a trance-like languid simplicity. The opening title track, almost seven minutes long, takes us straight to the depths of the dream-vision…"
-William Michael Smith, Rockzillaword

Live Show Reviews

"As Jesse Sykes took her time with the melancholic, yet-to-be-released song "The Air Is Thin" Saturday at the Gothic Theatre, it almost felt as if something or somebody else took over her role as bandleader and lyrical goddess for a few moments - a spirit, maybe.

Sykes and her tight band were feeling the spirit during the elongated set, and the song started out as a meditative folk song. A few minutes into the track the mood lightened, the lights got brighter and the air got ... thinner? As Sykes' band chimed in, "O, the air is thin," it was obvious the group was feeling something deeper than your average jam session. The audience was thoroughly captivated, which is saying
something for an opening act playing an unreleased song. But maybe they had a little help?"
-Ricardo Baca, Denver Post, February 2007

"…Such was the intensity that never faltered I don't think I've ever seen the Maze so hushed. One song slipped into another with the non album 'Winter Hunter' bringing a Breughal like stillness to the room…"
-Flyin Shoes, BBC Reviews Online

How long does it take to sense that a musician is exceptional? An instant? The duration of a song? An hour?
Not even a minute into Jesse Sykes' first number Thursday at the Point, it was clear that something unusual was about to happen. The room noise stilled as the music started, leaving Sykes' wary, wounded, not-quite-raspy voice out in the open. The song, "Reckless Burning," ambled at a dejected pace, and as she told of a serial arsonist, Sykes left some phrases hanging ominously in the air, like smoke on a windless day. By the second time through the chorus, Sykes and guitarist Phil Wandscher had transported listeners from Bryn Mawr to a vaguely threatening rural landscape.
The duo, opening for James McMurtry, played only six songs. Most were measured affairs, and each held its own mystery. "Troubled Soul," from the new Oh, My Girl, was riddled with doubt and delivered in a near-tremble; "Your Eyes Told" gave fleeting impressions of the nonverbal communication underpinning a love affair.
Though she has performed for just a few years, Sykes clearly knows how to spin textures and moods from her unique voice. She got surprising help from Wandscher, who surrounded the halting melody of "Winter Hunter" with graceful, weeping-willow falsetto harmonies.
Wandscher is also an extraordinarily sensitive, minimal-minded guitarist: He offset Sykes' cool-headed vocal lines with stark declarations, and, occasionally, dramatic displays of blues-guitar pitch-bending."
-Tom Moon, Philadelphia Inquirer

All songs by Jesse Sykes, published by Spooky American Music, ( Bug, BMI) except (*) by Jesse Sykes and Phil Wandscher published by Spooky American Music and Maggot Brain Music (adm. by Bug, BMI). "Reckless Burning", published by Sony/ATV Tunes LLC